The Best Way to Film Highlight Videos for Recruiting

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Just a little over 7% of high school soccer players go on to play sports in college. High school athletes that want to take their sport more seriously have a slim window to prove to recruiters that they have what it takes to play on a more serious level during their high school years. As a coach, there’s nothing you want more than for those you’ve watched and trained so closely to succeed in their future sports-related endeavors.

The college recruiting process is quite intense as many factors are considered and observed; many of which have to do with testing the reliability of your player. So how can you, as a coach, ensure that your star athlete’s talents and abilities are best displayed during the recruiting process? You show the recruiters what you see in your players game after game.

The Best Way to Film Highlight Videos

Recruiting videos are a huge part of the recruiting process. Making sure that you capture the game and your players with clarity so all the best plays and moves are in film makes it easy to do a number of things, the most rewarding being showcasing the player’s talent.


A high-quality recruiting video is what separates the serious candidates from those that won’t even get a second glance. If the recruiters can’t see your players best, forget getting them to come to observe an actual game. You want to give your players the best chance and that means giving them the ability to have a unique highlight video. Unfortunately, not every player has the luxury of a handy dandy cameraman or the right equipment. Even if they do, it’s hard to capture every move and play clearly from the stands.

This is where Endzone’s telescoping towers outshines any kind of video equipment that could be used for recruiting purposes. With Endzone telescoping towers, viewers can see a birds-eye view of the game, close enough to observe each individual players moves. Accompany the towers with the Wide/Tight Pressbox (specifically designed so that one operator can record both wide and tight angles during the game) and you have a way to provide your players with the best recruitment video that displays their raw talent.

The last thing you want stopping your high school athlete from reaching the pinnacle goal of college play time is a bad quality highlight video. Through Endzone Sports Video systems, you capture the best at the best quality.


There’s nothing better than seeing your player succeed in progressing his athletic career. Endzone Video Telescoping Towers was made by a coach for coaches. They provide you the ability to record your players best moments (and even their worst moments) so they can get recruiting coaches to even consider them as a viable candidate. You know your team contains award-winning talent, all you need to do is show the next coach what talent they can work with. Give your team the upper hand and contact us today at 979-627-7300 to capture the moments that prove your players have what it takes.

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