Alliance of American Football League to use Endzone Video Systems

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One of the newer additions to our supply of telescoping video tower equipment, the EVS45HD Pro, will now be used to outfit the new professional football league; the Alliance of American Football (AAF) league. The new professional football league was founded by Charlie Ebersol and Bill Polian. The league will contain ex-quarterbacks of the NFL such as Josh Johnson, Aaron Murray, and Christian Hackenberg. The football season for the AAF will begin February 9, 2019 and last until the end of April. Various former NFL players and contributing team members will be working on establishing a good first season with the help provided by our EVS45HD Pro telescoping video tower. 

Benefits of the EVS465HD Tower for the AAF

The EVS465HD pro was specifically developed for top college football powerhouses, large stadiums, and overall heavy usage. It has been used by a few NFL teams and various college teams as well. We have built these towers to be heavy duty so that they can be left on the field if needed through rain and sunshine. Great for practice and even better for games,  these towers couldn’t be a better fit for the Alliance of American Football League and will serve to aid the teams in improving their game immensely. The tower stands an impressive 45ft tall, offering an optimal birdseye view of the field. This is great for players but even greater for fans observing the game from this view.

The best part is that the machine can be set up by only one person. There is no maintenance fee and it is set up rather speedily. The machine is easily stored and comes with a 10-year warranty, not to mention, the EVS465HD combines the best features of all of our telescoping towers. Being designed to frequent stadiums and practice fields with extreme use, users can rely on this tower to be an essential yet sturdy feature of their games.

Enhancing Games, Practices, and Teams with Every Use

With Endzone telescoping towers, you have the ability to see it all. Almost as if you have a cameraman recording the game from a nearby skyscraper, you have the ability to capture aspects of a game that you wouldn’t be able to with any other system. Finding a steady platform with which to use to record games can be challenging but with Endzone’s telescoping sports system, you are able to record with clarity, following the game perfectly.  

With our sports video systems, you have the ability to transform your recap experience and game significantly. It is our pride and joy to be able to furnish multiple college leagues and stadiums with our towers within the US and all throughout the world. The Alliance of American Football League will be using our sports video systems to shape up for their upcoming game that will be televised live on CBS February 9th, 2018. When you’re ready to transform your game, give us a call to inquire about which of our video systems would best enhance your games.

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