Recording Sports Games with a Video Camera vs. Endzone Camera

Members of the american football tean practice at training camp

Recording a sports game has awesome benefits. Not only does it benefit the team members to see how they performed during a game, but family members and friends can enjoy watching their favorite moments again and again. Now that we have as many devices as we do, you can record a game via cell phone, video camera, and even your tablet. There is a difference in quality, however, when it comes to recording yourself versus having an Endzone telescoping camera system to help you record your high school or college sports games. Take a look at the differences between recording a sports game yourself versus having an Endzone telescoping camera system there to help you record your game. 

Video Camera vs. Endzone Camera

Birds Eye View

Whether you hire a professional sports videographer or operate the camera all on your own, it can be hard to get the right angles. Endzone’s telescoping camera systems eliminate the need for so much adjusting on behalf of the cameraman or woman. You get a crisp bird’s eye view that allows you to peer into the field in a way no other camera can allow you to. This gives you insight to the awesome plays your team makes but it also gives teams the advantage of being able to thoroughly dissect the competition.

See the Entire Field Clearly

Endzone’s video systems can erect so high in the air that the entire field can be shot clearly allowing every player on the field to be spotted. When using any other camera system, this can be problematic. Often you have to get multiple cameras in order to be able to record different angles of the field. Recording the entire field is meerely impossible. Being able to see the entire field without having to switch camera angles allows for a more accurate depiction of what is happening on the field.

Predict & Direct Plays Better

Standard video camera equipment requires a lot more legwork on the field than that of a telescoping camera system. You have to make sure that the lens captures what you wish and attempt to work around the crowd of people as some block your shots and others don’t help you by walking directly in front of your camera while you are trying to record. When using endzone’s telescoping camera system, you completely avoid these distractions and you can focus on directing or predicting plays way more efficiently.

The Best Camera to Use for Recording Sports in Houston TX

Using a telescoping camera system has so many benefits for those wanting to watch, learn from, and record sports games. There’s no need to look into sports videography in Houston when you have access to a camera system as perfect for recording all of the action as Endzone’s sports camera systems. When you’re ready to give your school or team the advantage of recorded sports games, contact us to get the perfect video system for you.

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